Istanbul, Turkey III

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Already said a lot about Istanbul here and here

Here's more photos from our time walking the streets. A week in Istanbul = a ton of photos.

- Julia

Little glimpse of Topkapi Palace (we didn't go in.. Turkish tourist stuff is so pricey).
Rolling Turkish pides by hand on a traditional low wooden table.
These stone fountains can be found on just about every street. 
On the metro. People watching.
A man having a cup of tea on the sidewalk- common sight.
Tile patterns and the eye that protects from evil.
People pushing around wooden carts full of produce take you back in time.
Inside the Blue Mosque, named for the blue tiles inside. So huge and beautiful, it's overwhelming.
Men washing their feet outside the mosque before going in for prayer.
The famous Blue Mosque (AKA Sultan Ahmed Mosque).
The famous Hagia Sophia. Built in the year 360. Formerly a basilica, then a mosque, now a museum. It was the largest cathedral in the world for nearly a thousand years! 


  1. So cool! I especially love the photo of Julia and the lion and your nighttime mosque photos - magical!

  2. Wow, Istanbul looks like such a vibrant place. I would love to see it one day but until I do, your gorgeous photos will suffice!

  3. Oh my gosh I want to buy everything! Those green shoes, rugs, pillows, the beautiful earrings...I would have been coming home with a whole pile of goodies.

  4. My history teacher was gushing about his experiences in Turkey in class today so seeing this post is really fitting!

  5. This reminded me of how badly I want to go to Turkey!!

  6. i adore the lion picture! and those mosques - when i was in Bosnia (Sarajevo) 2 years ago there were those gorgeous mosques everywhere - in the rest of the arab world they don't tend to have those rounded mosques - they're pretty specific to turkey and bosnia as far as I know.

    also, the blue pendant - the little eye? i have one of those, they're supposed to protect against the evil eye!

    now i'm convinced i need to get my booty to turkey one day and soon!


  7. These are magnificent. My favorite is the metro one.

  8. Istanbul and Turkey in general is a very popular vacationing spot for Russians and Ukrainians, when i was visiting it a couple years ago, everyone who is considered "cool" ought to have been there at least once.

  9. Its funny you guys like the lion picture because I have such a dumb facial expression in it. But I love the lion part about it as well. Thanks!

    Curious Constellation- I love when that happens.

    Camilla- Sweet! Where did you get the eye? We saw them in both Greece and Turkey.

    Irina- We noticed! Many restaurants had menus translated to Russian. But we're in Phuket, Thailand right now, and there are far more Russians here than anywhere in Turkey.

  10. oh my!! Those bowl things {picture two} are so lovely!! Why am I so attracted to bowls?

  11. those mosques are stunning and Turkey looks like such an exotic place

  12. omg! all your pics of turkey are gorgeous but the last few of the blue mosque literally made me gasp. incredible!

  13. Ok, this is getting freaky now. I went to the EXACT same restaurant with the Turkish woman outside rolling the pides... When were you guys there again? I was in Istanbul from Dec 26 to 29! Beautiful photos!

  14. Wow, awesome photos! I really want to go to Turkey!