Seattle to Banff

Friday, July 11, 2014

We had been looking forward to an epic camping road trip for so long, and it was what kept me alive during finals, knowing that there were good things ahead (like sleep and campfire food and long drives through the mountains). It was a frantic few days of catching up on work and errands before leaving for two weeks, but there's nothing like the feeling of finally being packed and pulling onto the highway with a tank full of gas.

We got a pretty late start on our first day, so we camped at Larabee State Park, not far from Seattle. The next day, we met up with friends in Vancouver for breakfast, then coffee, and lunch (phew!), and continued our drive. Talking about the trip got us even more excited. 

Out of Vancouver, we took Highway 1, which would eventually get us to Banff, our first destination. At the beginning of a road trip, we always stop way too much for photos, not knowing how much amazing scenery lies ahead. That was exactly the case. Every mountain view and motel sign and country cafe looked amazing. We happened upon a flea market on the side of the highway, and did some browsing through antiques. We made it to Kamloops and did some grocery shopping to fill up our coolers and get us hungry. By the time we got to Kamloops, it was dark, and we needed to find a place to sleep. Instead of driving out to a campground, we found a random place in the foothills outside of Kamloops popped up our rooftop tent. It was pretty spectacular to wake up in the morning and realize what a beautiful place we had chosen to park in the dark.

The next day we had breakfast in town and continued our drive. We raced a brightly colored train along the highway, jealous of the train's views along the banks of a river and through rocky mountain tunnels. At some point we got hungry, and made lunch and a fire near a lake. Life slows down when your home is your car and you have no appointments to make. You can even make a fire during lunch.

That evening, our car's brakes went out. And just a couple days into our trip, the adventure got a lot crazier. But I'll save that for another post. 

- Julia

We found a random spot in the foothills outside of Kamloops to park for the night.
Not expecting this scenery in the morning!

Currently: Camping In the Mountains

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hey guys, we are currently on an amazing two week camping road trip through Canada and the Northwest United States. We can't wait to share some photos and more about our adventures (the good and the bad...  like the brakes going out on our car in the middle of the mountains). We're excited to have the following partners on board, who love the outdoors as much as we do: FilsonMoment LensUp KnรถrthMollyjoggerBlack AnchorFaribault Woolen Mill Co, and Stanley.

If you're on Instagram, we have been posting tons of photos along the way. You can follow Yuriy here and Julia here, or search the hashtag #YandJoutdoors. 

Thanks for all your suggestions for our South America trip next month! We are still in the early stages of planning and haven't bought tickets yet, but are planning to fly into Lima. Keep the suggestions coming. :) 

- Yuriy + Julia

Colorado - Utah Roadtrip

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

From Colorado we crossed the border into Utah and went straight to the famous Arches National Park. We spent the day exploring the park in the heat, along with families carrying fanny packs, camelbacks of water, and handfuls of whiny kids begging mom to take them back to the hotel pool to swim. We were here on a Saturday in July. 

Towards sunset we hiked up to the Delicate Arch and spent the remaining hours of daylight admiring the phenomenal view in every direction. A full moon shone so brightly, that it lit our walk back to the car and cast shadows on the ground. We thought the Delicate Arch was probably overrated and not worth the hike with all the tourists, but it was incredible... definitely one of our highlights of the day.

Today we are packing up to go on a crazy 2-week camping trip! We're going to try and share the trip here on the blog as we go along.

- Julia

P.S. Who's been to South America? Where would you go if you had a month and had never been before?