At the Barber Shop

Monday, January 17, 2011

A little break from all the travel photos:

Shaving isn't hard and I'm not lazy. But when traveling, it just seems like the thing to do - neglect shaving. Not only was I was trying to fit in with all the Greeks and Turks but it was also 'Movember', a moustache growing charity event, held each year in November, to raise awareness for men's health issues. So the goal was not to shave for a whole month. I'm a baby when it comes to facial hair, I know guys who can grow in a couple days what I can grow in a month. So my end result after a month of not shaving wasn't all that bad.

After November came to an end I was more than ready to shave everything off. I figured it would be fitting to go to a barber shop and get my first professional shave in Istanbul. It was a nice experience, and the end result was amazing, much smoother than with a razor. After the shave the barber lights a huge match and starts waving it in and around my ears, not sure what to do or expect, I just sat there. It didn't burn and he later told me it was to burn off the peach fuzz on your ears. It was a great experience and only cost $5 USD.... but I like the the hairy look (and so does Julia) so I might just throw the shaver away for the rest of the trip.



  1. a match? seriously? that's cool/kinda scary also...

    at least you CAN grow a full beard. shh..he'd kill me if he knew i wrote this but my man doesn't grow hair on the sides of his face! but he can grow one gnarly goatee (sp?)...

    ps. i just read julia's email and i got so excited!! damir is super excited also. responding now...

  2. Your barber looks kind of like you! lol. Especially before you shaved.

  3. I'll have to let my fiancée know about the match thing

  4. Hello,

    I just happened upon your blog while researching for my upcoming wedding in October. My fiancé and I are planning on focusing our wedding around travel. We have been many places together, but never to Europe. We are very excited to spend some time there after we are married. I was wondering maybe when you return from your wonderful travels if you are able to maybe answer a couple questions in regards to our interest in spending some time in Europe.
    Your pictures are amazing and really no rush in returning a message right way! Enjoy your time!
    -Tiffany and Troy