Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Julia and I caught a short train ride to Versailles to see the Versailles Palace. The weather wasn't the greatest but we spent some time walking around the gardens and marveling at how large and beautiful everything was, from the perfectly trimmed trees to the marble statues. After walking around for a bit, we headed inside and were even more blown away by the interior of the Palace. So much attention was paid to every little detail, it's amazing. Here are some quick facts for you-

-In 1624, Louis XIII, the king of France, began the building of a modest hunting lodge in the small village of Versailles. Then Louis XIV enlarged and enrobed the old lodge, turning it into the great Chateau we know today
-In the early days of Versailles, the outside guards whistled when Louis XIV approached, so the gardeners could hae the fountains fully running whenever he arrived at any given spot.
-There are 50 fountains in and around the Palace. 951,019 gallons of water used per hour when all the fountains are in full play.
-There are about 150 varieties of apple and peach trees in the vegetable garden at Versailles. 48 full-time gardeners are employed to look after the gardens.
-During the reign of Louis XIV, a hat and a sword were considered proper attire for gentlemen visiting the Grand Apartment at Versailles; those without could rent them at the front gate. Monks were not allowed inside.
-In 1837, Louis-Philippe converted the whole deal to a museum of French History in what may have been the historic starting point for the development of mass tourism.
-World War I was ended here with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

If you want to read more info on it, go here.



  1. amazing..
    the last photo is probably my favorite, but I like all of them.
    This trip looks like such an awesome experience

  2. the pictures that are centred, look so perfect! as if you measured it out. Its a pleasure to view you guys' blog everyday, great eye on things. i already made some crepes the other day, although without nutella... =( thanks a bunch

  3. i thought they didnt allow pictures inside the building. but very nice pics. looks the same as before.

  4. What an awesome place to get creative inspiration. Pearl told me when she use to be a fashion designer that she spent alot of time in museums, looking at classic designs that never go out of style.

  5. Amazing photography. All I have from our trip to Versailles are dark dingy photos from an instant camera because our digital one broke. This place is so much more beautiful than I remember it even.

  6. ahh..this is so heartbreakingly beautiful. i love all the pictures..

  7. lovely pics! how were you able to take pictures inside sacre ceour? when I was there they didnt allow shots of the inside. pity cause I so wanted to get a picture of the mosaic painting

  8. Natalia- I can give you some prints to replace your dark dingy photos. :)

    Pan- We were sneaky.. and broke some rules along the way. We definitely weren't the only ones with cameras though.

  9. I"m glad you broke the rules to take the photos! I'd never see this if it wasn't for you!!! :) xoxo
    p.s. Don't you wish that a hat and sword were still considered proper attire there, so you'd get to wear them?? :)

  10. Where do you get all that money to travel everywhere?