Shop Fronts

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm perfectly happy walking the streets in Paris and not spending a cent. Just admiring the shop fronts and peeping in windows is quite satisfactory. 


  1. Ahh all of your posts make me want to go to Paris so bad <3

  2. well, you must be very in self-control.I would not be able to make it without spending a cent on clothes or accesories.there was not one time when i went to the store telling myself i will not spend a cent and dit it, instead always end up spending at least $50... SAD

  3. My suitcase is packed to the brim, Irina! If I buy something, I'd have no where to stash it. Thus my great self control is thanks to my little suitcase, really. :)

  4. Looks like a movie set. It looks like so much thought and care goes into each little shop.

  5. Encore le consulat...un de vos endroit préféré ?

    The consulat of your favourite place ?


  6. J'adore this post!

    Do you sell any of your photographs?

    You are both so talented. I am really enjoying cruising around your great blog!