A Date Around Seattle

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

As much as we love traveling to faraway places, we love where we live. It's been super gloomy and rainy in Seattle the past couple months (making us want to get on a plane), but when we had a sunny Friday last week, we spent the day at some of our favorite spots close to home.

Seattle was one of the first car2go cities to get their hands on the new Mercedes-Benz GLA and CLA fleet and they gave us a car to try out. car2go is is so easy—you check the app to find the closest car to you, hop in and drive anywhere, then drop it off in any legal parking spot. You're charged by the minute while driving (you can currently take out a Mercedes-Benz for only $0.41 per minute), but as soon as you park, you're off the hook and you don't have to pay for parking!! Street parking in Seattle is as high as $4.50 per hour, which is ridiculous and totally not worth it if you want to spend the day in the city. We loved driving the new wheels for our Seattle date.

If you're in Seattle for a day, try something from our ideal Seattle day... 

  1. Walk along the boardwalk and enjoy views of the water and ferries coming and going at Alki beach, just a few minutes from where we live in West Seattle.
  2. Drive to Volunteer Park and wander through the Volunteer Park Conservatory to admire all the amazing plants (and warm up in our favorite cactus room). 
  3. Park in Capitol Hill and visit some of our favorite shops—Totokaelo, Elliot Bay Bookstore, Glasswing, and Likelihood. Even if we're not buying anything, these shops leave us feeling inspired.
  4. Head to Pike Place Market before it closes. Stop by Rachel's Ginger Beer in Post Alley for the tastiest, local ginger beer with flavors like blood orange and white peach. Enjoy the live music, flowers, local goods, and lively atmosphere of the market.
  5. Since we're already parked downtown, walk to Japonessa for our favorite sushi happy hour for dinner (happy hour is all day in the bar except 8-10pm, and it's sooo good).
Seattle is not the most walkable city because of all the water, bridges, and hills separating the neighborhoods, so car2go is super handy when getting from place to place. 

This post was sponsored by car2go. All opinions are our own.


  1. You live in such a pretty city! As a gateway to the Pacific, I guess there must be a lot of decent Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and other Asian restaurants. As always, your photos make me want to go out and explore!

  2. Ugh the cacti and succulents in this post are so beautiful! You two are the cutest.

    cabin twenty-four

  3. This is really awesome. I live in West Seattle too! And I easily forget how much there is to see and explore in all the neighborhoods of Seattle. You get into a routine and so much is missed. This is a great reminder, thank you :)