Let's Roadtrip Through Europe

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oh hey. It's been a while. Anyone still around these parts of the web??? We have some dusting to do around here. 

Updating our travel blog has been on our to-do list for about a year now. The more time that passes, the bigger of a project it's become, and we just couldn't prioritize it this past year.  If you follow us on Instagram (Yuriy / Julia), you know we're still our usual selves, still living in Seattle, still traveling when we can, just not sharing as much here. Last summer I finished design school and started doing design full time for a startup. The past year was an adjustment as Yuriy took over more of the photography business and I poured most of my time into my new work. After being in school and super busy for a while, if I had any free time this past year, I wanted to spend it with friends, not on the computer. 

I miss this. Blogging helps us to go through photos instead of letting them rot on a hard drive, forces us to reflect on a trip, and document memories more thoroughly than on Instagram. As things slow down with photography, I'm excited to spend this fall and winter going through tons of travel photos and updating the blog. 

Earlier this year we spent a month roadtripping through Europe to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary (yeah, already!). Even when we traveled for 6 months after our wedding, there was so much that we missed in Europe. This time we visited France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Belgium, and the only place we revisited was Paris. Everything else was new. And we wished we had more time. 

This post marks the beginning of our roadtrip. We flew into Paris, rented a little Fiat for the month, and drove straight to our good friends' home in Switzerland, about a five hour drive. After a red eye flight and with Yuriy behind the wheel, I fell asleep immediately, so not a single photo here is mine. Yuriy is a lover of roadtrips, and couldn't resist stopping in all the small towns along the way. Later in the trip, we wouldn't have stopped so many times, but when you first arrive in a foreign country, everything is beautiful and awe-inspiring. How could you not stop for a photo?

Yuriy woke me up with his hands full of food—perhaps the best way to wake up. He stopped by a gas station on the side of the highway, and came back with a couple of amazing sandwiches on really good bread, fresh chocolate croissants, and coffee. In the States, you want to stay far away from gas station food, so we were pleasantly surprised with the random find. From that first bite of ham and cheese sandwich, I could hardly wait for all the meals to come in the next month. 

Hope you enjoy a glimpse of French countryside on our way to Switzerland. Tomorrow I'll share some photos from our time in Switzerland with good friends.

- Julia


  1. Yay!!! Finally. Dreamy, as always

  2. So glad you have decided to continue blogging your travels! Looking forward to the new posts :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I was totally thinking about your blog a few days ago because I've been dreaming of starting my own travel log for the very same reason. There is something so special about sharing adventures through blog posts because of all of the reflection you get to do on each place. I couldn't agree more. But I was super excited to see your update pop in my email! This little towns seem so special... I love the stone work and the narrow streets. Seems like such a special place. I can't wait to see and read about more of your journey!

  4. I am always glad to have your blog posts pop up in my email. It has been to long since I have seen them. I look forward to following your adventures in Europe! XOXO