Bolivian Expedition Part 2: Flamingo Lakes

Friday, June 19, 2015

I didn't think the second day of the expedition could be better than the first day with the salt flats, which seemed like the main attraction, but it was. This time we drove further away from civilization, weaving through the high desert on unmarked dirt trails that cars before us left behind. There's no way you could do this trip without knowing where you're going. We were surrounded by colorful volcanoes on all sides. I kept trying to capture it with my phone but the surreal watercolored looking hues just didn't come across. 

The highlight of the day was coming upon the first lake with flamingos. I wanted to run and shout and swim with them. It was the most amazing feeling to "stumble upon" a lake in the middle of the desert, filled with big pink birds that look like lawn ornaments. I could have sat and watched them all day. It was one of the most unreal sights I've seen. 

Throughout the day, we stopped by three salt water lakes that are homes to flocks of flamingos. The last lake, Laguna Colorada (Red Lagoon), is supposed to be bright red in color, but it wasn't as brilliant as photos we had seen. It must not have been the right season. It was also not the season for flamingos. In high season, there are hundreds if not thousands of them (so we hear). Apparently in the winter, the old and weak are the ones who can't make the trip to warmer climates and stay behind. Well the old and weak ones sure impressed me.

- Julia

Never ending train tracks. 
Inside the salt hotel where we stayed the first night, made of salt bricks and a salty, sandy floor.
Yuriy wandering around an area where we took a break and saw a chinchilla!
Could have sat here all day, watching the flamingos.


  1. Wow, this looks absolutely surreal! Hope I can make it there one day.

  2. Incredible pictures! I like to travel to these Countries in the near future. Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures. Cheers!

  3. Wow, I love all the tones in these photos and how they blend and contrast. Beautiful :)

  4. Beautiful photography! Would love to visit there one day.
    We have nominated you for the versatile blogger award!:)

  5. epic pictures... nice! I can't wait to get back to South America!

  6. The flamingo on the lake is a fantastic view!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  7. Recently I was doing a bit of research about Bolivia and came upon some info on this exact lake - I was intrigued :), and wrote it down. So when I saw your blog post advertised on my bloglovin, I was all 'ooooh I want to go there'! Thank you for sharing your experience and these beautiful pictures!!! I love the dramatic images of the mountains and the sky, it seems unreal!
    xX Zoe |

  8. Wow, what beautiful pictures! There's nothing quite like unexpectedly stumbling upon something so cool.

  9. So beautiful! I love you guys & your photography is just stunning!

  10. That place looks simply beautiful. Is it as peaceful as it looks?