Trinidad, Cuba I

Monday, April 29, 2013

From Cienfuegos, we caught a ride to Trinidad (our last stop in Cuba). The woman we were staying with in Cienfuegos recommended one of her friends in Trinidad who rents a room, and we went with it, not knowing what to expect. Turns out it would be our favorite room in Cuba.

We climbed a steep, lopsided spiral staircase to the top floor which was entirely ours. Vaulted teal ceilings and a silky pink bed provided wonderful bursts of color. The old iron bed frame, creaky wood floors, and school house lights were things I would take home with me if I could. The best part--two giant doors that lead out onto small balconies and let in the most beautiful light. We left the doors open and watched the rain fall on terracotta rooftops from bed or listened to salsa music and laughter coming from the darkness late at night.

Trinidad is a maze of cobblestone streets lined with pastel colored buildings, overgrown in blossoming vines and weeds. The town is on a hillside, which means lovely views down the narrow streets from many points of the town. Like any Cuban city, life is slow paced. Every front door is open, and neighbors gather on the front steps to chit chat, or pull out a rocking chair to watch the passersby. Every few blocks, we ran into a children's soccer game or men playing dominos on a small table taking up the sidewalk. I feel more rested just thinking about it.

- Julia

P.S. We have four posts coming from our time in Trinidad.

Our lovely room in town.
The view from the balcony in our room.


  1. What a lovely room you stumbled upon! And of course the shots are beyond amazing!!!

  2. such a charming oom and those terra cotta roodtops, swoon