Phou Si Hill

Friday, November 18, 2011

One of the first things we did in Luang Prabang was take a stroll up Phou Si Hill. It's a gorgeous hill/park just outside of the city center and a popular attraction. The hill has many stairs, trails, and manicured plants. But best of all are the countless mystical temples and shrines along the way. Most interesting were "Buddha's footprint" and a cave shrine in the hillside. Toward the top of the hill, there are amazing views of Luang Prabang and both rivers that have proven so important to this city (Mekong and Nam Khan). The hill was spotted with monks, spiritual offerings, and visitors releasing birdies from cages for good luck. 

We always try to go to a view point in any city we visit, and the $1 admission fee plus hike was totally worth it. 

- Julia 

Views of the Nam Khan River. 
A monk peering inside at Buddha's footprint.
Budda's giant footprint is 4-5 feet in length.
Views of the Mekong River, by which we arrived.
Visitors can pay to free a bird from it's cage for good luck.


  1. I love looking back here and seeing what new adventures you've encountered. thats amazing what you guys did, see the world in 6 months! amazing really! If you were to go back which place would you like to revisit?


  2. Pearl - We've been dreaming about going back to Split, Croatia! Maybe because it was toward the beginning of our trip, maybe because it wasn't super touristy and developed, or maybe it was our daily trips to the market for fresh fruit, cheese, bread... we'll def be back there one day. :)

  3. Are you still travelling guys? I was thinking you are back to home.

  4. This looks like such a peaceful place!!
    It must have felt magical walking up there and seeing the golden statues.

  5. Love the perspective of the picture.

    I have a Nikkor 50mm 1.4G and never take it for travelling. Only carry on my standard 18-55mm with a wide angle Tokina 11-16mm.

    Big mistake...I can tell;)

    What the lense you use for the landscape?


  6. I did the same hike on my birthday of this year! I love how your photos always tell a story. Beautiful shots, as always.

  7. my fav part of SE asia is all the monks - so commonplace and magical

  8. These are incredible!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh you guys are amazing! I love love love the shot of the sparrow being let free.

  9. The town looks dreamy and quiet... love the way you captured it!