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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We get a lot of questions in our email that are travel or photography related. If you ever emailed and it took us forever to respond, our apologies. We used to give the excuse that we were traveling abroad and didn't have internet, but now that we're home, that handy excuse is no longer valid. We want to do our best to answer questions and get to know our readers better. If we didn't care about communicating with you, we wouldn't have a blog.

We created an FAQ post a while back to help answer reader questions, but we still get plenty of specific questions. Soooo, we've decided to give Formspring a shot. 

Formspring is cool because 1.) you can ask questions anonymously (a good way to satisfy your burning curiosity without revealing your identity) and 2.) the answers are all posted publicly so other people can benefit. Chances are, you and someone else around the world have the same question. Fire away.

- Julia & Yuriy

Our various locations online are multiplying like crazy!! Just when I think I have it all, some new social media phenomenon pops up. Other places you can find us:

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  1. Great idea! Oh and also, you mean 'anonymously' :)