Rivne General III

Monday, May 2, 2011

A few more photos around downtown Rivne. We spent some time just walking around in the freezing cold, exploring, people watching, and photographing anything that looked unique or interesting.



  1. these pictures are lovely, makes me want to go there , xx

  2. Wonderful overview of Rivne, loving the streetscenes, the details of signages and the pictures of people. Great as always!!

  3. I know this sounds weird, but Ukraine is the most exotic country for me. I live in India and this is the first time I have felt that I'm witnessing a culture, a way of life extremely different from mine. The architecture in Ukraine is simply beautiful :)

  4. your pictures are so lovely. it takes a special eye to bring out what is extraordinary in the ordinary. the stories you tell through visual communication is striking.

    (plus, it is comforting knowing there is a place that looks colder than where I live! :) ).

  5. omg I just discovered your blog! I'm from Ukraine as well - Ternopol' (so close to Rivne!) This post made me reminisce about the good old childhood days I spent in my hometown.

    Love your blog!!!

    Anastasiya, xoxo

  6. love that sign that says second hand but in cyrilic. very funny. reminds me so much of belgrade.