Taste of Home - Ukrainian Food

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't think we were ever so satisfied with the food in any country like we were in Ukraine. Why? Because everything reminded us of our childhood and our mama's cooking. My mom made a lot more Ukrainian dishes when we were kids than she does now, so mealtimes here often brought back great nostalgia. And after traveling for a few months already, we really appreciated food that tasted like home. 

Most of the food you see in this post, we still eat on a regular basis at family events or Ukrainian gatherings.

 - Julia

 Our favorite street food: hot belyashi (deep fried meat pies). So greasy and so good! This woman was very eager to serve and feed us, calling us her children.
Having coffee and dessert in the "library room" at the incredible House of Legends Cafe (which we wrote about here). 
Incredible apple pastry at the House of Legends. 
Egg scramble for breakfast with sausage and red peppers. 
Dreamy Oladki (Ukrainian pancakes) with honey butter dip. This restaurant inspired me to make these babies at home. 
Breaded veal with mushrooms and goat cheese and a side of "village style potatoes" with pieces of salo
 Kolbasa (sausage).
A typical meal at Puzata Hata-- an extremely popular self-serve cafeteria-style restaurant where it's impossible to not overeat! So many food options and so cheap. Also, the interior is cozy and decorated in a traditional Ukrainian cottage style. 
Cabbage salad, potatoes and kotlety (meatballs), and bowl of borscht in the back. 
Nalisniki (cheese filled crepes).
Deruny (potato pancakes) with sourcream.
Holubtsi (cabbage stuffed with rice and meat).
Vareniki (Ukrainian dumplings) stuffed with cherries.
Olivye (Ukranian style potato salad)
Nalisniki (cheese crepes) covered with cherry preserves and sour cream (have you noticed half the dishes are served with a side of sour cream?).


  1. Cheese crepes?! Apple pastry?! I think that one of my very favorite parts of traveling is getting to taste the foods of different cultures. This all looks incredible!

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  3. It all looks SO delicious!! Yum :)

  4. I just ate, and these pictures STILL made my mouth water!

  5. Those crepes look delicious! I love trying foods from different parts of the world...I don't think I have ever tried Ukrainian food before, must try!

  6. makes me miss my mamas cooking too. She is vegan now but still has her magic touch added to those meals also. But we do have the traditional Russian and Ukrainian foods when we get together for holidays and family gatherings. Thank you for sharing you delectable photos.

  7. These pictures of food are certifiably food porn! I love your blog!


  8. yuuuuumm!! It's so odd to think you can actually order olivye at a restaurant.

  9. Oh my , I grew up in Poland but all those dishes look and sound so much like ours, I think Im going over to my moms just to get some authentic home cooking.

  10. Ukrainian food is one of reasons to visit this country. Meals in Ukraine are both tasty and beautiful.There are numerous restaurants and bars where you can try local meals. Most of them are not very complicated so you will be able to try to cook them at home. Welcome to Ukraine and enjoy delicious local food!