Rivne, Ukraine II

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thanks for the nice comments about our first Rivne post.  Obviously I have much pride in the place since it's where I was born. I am especially thrilled when people comment saying they're adding Ukraine to their list of travel destinations. It certainly isn't a common country for tourism. 

Here are some more images of our short time in the city. 

- Julia

P.S. Since people have been asking why we immigrated to the United States, I'm putting together an interview for my mom-- I think she would know better. I am probably more excited to hear the answers than anyone.

WWII War memorials and Ukrainian heros at a cemetery. 
Rivne Opera House- not quite as fancy as the others we've seen.
This man was very unhappy about this photo. He yelled after me and I walked faster.
The following images are at the bazaar in the center of town. These women thought we were hilarious for photographing them and their goods. They don't understand. I didn't mind being laughed at to get these shots though.
Canned at home, sold on the street.
These don't look like the carrots I buy at the grocery store. 
Sour cabbage... smelly stuff. 
Smoked fish. Yum.
I wanted to take this entire box home. Beautiful pine cone tree ornaments.


  1. i just wrote up a post with photos {yours put mine to shame...} from my trip to ukraine. it was five years ago today! i wasn't a blogger then. it had to be documented, right?


    i've mentioned it before, but i'm especially loving the ukraine photos and stories from your travels. ukraine is such a targeted place. i mention it in my post, but - who goes to ukraine?! i do! you do!

  2. awww, beautiful! that sweet yellow church is truly warm and wonderful. possibly my favorite church you've photographed.

    I went to Ukraine in 2009, followed by moldova, hungary and austria. but Ukraine is the one that I dream about. The one I pine over awake and asleep. I hope more people will visit because of your blog. And I hope to go back someday.

  3. I love so much your blog. I like to learn different cultures, place and see a lot of photos from another people eyes.
    I live in Istanbul and I had read your all post about Turkey, I hope we can host you again. I would like to show you the modern face of Turkey:)

  4. Stunning photographs as usual! You two must have so many pictures to peruse through! : ]

    I especially love the trapper hats and snow-dappled pinetree ornaments...those would be so sweet on a Christmas tree. In fact, you've posted several photos of darling ornaments -- I can't wait till THIS December when we get to see your own tree!

    And this is odd, but the font on the bus front is really striking. I love it : ]

  5. I would absolutely love to explore more of Ukraine! I only spent 5 days in Kyiv, and even that was not enough. Everyone we met was so much friendlier than anywhere else in Europe I've been to. Love the yellow church in these photographs! Stunning :)

  6. I think it's good form to ask someone (or gesture if you don't speak the language) if you can take their photograph, especially if it's a close and personal shot. A lot of cultures find it offensive or even dangerous to have pictures taken - though I would think this wouldn't be the case in a country like the Ukraine.

    Also, LOVE the blog!

  7. Aubry- Love your post and reflections of Ukraine! Thanks for sharing.

    cafenoHut- We will definitely be back in Istanbul some day. That city is so big and dynamic... I could spend a year there. Thanks for the invite!

    Danielle- Interesting point you bring up. I always ask before taking a photo if I am taking an obvious portrait shot, but in Ukraine, not a single older person said yes! Sometimes asking for a photo ruins the photo. Often times, the unexpected shots are the best, so we don't always ask, just are more secretive and not in their face with the camera. I'm sure photojournalists have tons of people yell at them, but they end up with the best, most authentic photos.

  8. i'll be there this summer!!! this makes me so excited.

  9. i always eat sour cabbage (kapusta) in poland!

  10. My sister is there with the Peace Corps. So me and a friend will be traveling around europe and are going to stop by to see her.