Novovolynsk II

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More photos from our time wandering around Novovolynsk. 

This post includes a handful of photos from the local bazaar, where mostly older women sell produce, meat, and smoked fish. Many had random sized bottles that they'd recycled and filled with some white liquid-- either home raised milk or kefir. Some women had a couple of bottles and a small bag of one or two types of vegetables from their garden. They can't possibly make much more than a few dollars from what they've brought to the bazaar, yet they brave the cold for that little bit of income. My toes and fingers hardly lasted walking through the bazaar.... I don't know how these people stand in one spot for several hours a day in the snow! Determination. Or perhaps they have a thicker skin. 

- Julia


  1. I feel sad to see all these old people striving to make an income in this cold weather, but it is so inspiring at the same time :(

  2. brrr! looks chilly but oh so beautiful!

  3. Those are the most perfect icicles! {fourth image down}