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Friday, February 11, 2011

It almost didn't happen because we're running out of travel time and think Australia deserves at least a month. Also, the tickets to Australia weren't exactly cheap. But we figured our trip wouldn't really be around the world if we left Australia out. So here we are! We have very very high hopes for this place. It seems like everything that ever comes from Australia is ultra hip. I'm ready to learn.

* Julia


  1. Argh! I've been very, very jealous of your whole trip so far but this! THIS just tips me beyond the manageable amount of jealous into a whole new realm. I hope you're having a great time and I CAN'T WAIT to see your fabulous photos.

  2. Yay that's where I am. :)
    I hope you enjoy your trip!

  3. Ahh! :D Like I said in my FB message - so, so jealous! I've wanted to go there ever since I was a child and realized koalas only lived there. If you get a chance, please do take some animal photos! My life will be complete when I hold a koala, ha! Australia is so high on my to-visit list.. possibly even to live!

  4. As an Aussie following your blog from BC, Canada, I'm very excited to see you're in my country!!! I'll be very interested to see what you think of it. :)

    If you get up to Queensland and go any further north than Brisbane, check out Mon Repos Turtle Rookery near Bundaberg (a 4 hour drive north of Brisbane). This time of year the baby turtles will be hatching, and you can help guide them towards the ocean with torches at night. They are the cutest little things EVER!!!

    Bundaberg is at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, so you can do a day trip to the reef from there too.

    Make sure you try some Bundaberg Ginger Beer while in Australia (available everywhere) - it's the best! Also, please try lamingtons (available in bakeries), meat pies, pavlova (dessert), a Cherry Ripe (chocolate bar)... and if you try Vegemite, it's meant to be spread so thin that you can still see the toast through it! (I think the reason so many foreigners dislike it is that they spread it on like jam/ jelly...)

    Have fun!!!

  5. you HAVE to hit up a service at Hillsong Church some sunday if your in sydney!!! SO SO SO AWESOME! i will be totally jealous if you get to go!

  6. Eva- We'll do our best. I would love to hold a koala.. hopefully that possible.

    Anna- Wow, thank you for all the hints! We're heading down to Melbourne from Sydney, so we won't be able to check out the turtles. I took a lick of Vegemite at our hostel (before I saw your comment), thinking it was chocolate....and it was salty! I reached for the jam for my toast instead. :)

    Anon- Went to Hillsong Church today. It was super cool!

  7. Wandering St. Kilda and having a pastry at one of the many bake shops on Accland street is a must do when in Melbourne. Enjoy!

  8. Now this is a set of pictures I can't wait to see!

  9. Wow, you even made it to Australia! :-) Good work.
    I moved here about 9 months ago, moi myzh rodilsya i zhivyot zdes'; we had our wedding here as well. Can't wait to see what ya'll thought about AU. ;-)

    - Mariana