Bodrum, Turkey II

Thursday, December 9, 2010

On one of our many trips walking around Bodrum, we walked into a car rental place to see if we could rent a car to Istanbul. This ended up being quite an adventure because none of the the guys knew more than 10 words in English and there were 4 guys in the office. We used Google translator to talk to each other and one of the guys had a notebook with all kinds of handwritten English phrases translated into Turkish, which we tried using as well. We eventually communicated what we wanted and unfortunately they couldn't rent a car to Istanbul but they offered us some fish for dinner. We could smell and hear it frying in the back room. They also told us about the upcoming Muslin holiday, Bayram. This was the first time we heard about it but it explained why some people were walking around with sheep in the streets. We have a post coming up with more info on this Muslim holiday. We also stumbled across an old cemetery which was very fun to explore, all the tombstones had Arabic inscriptions. We found out later that some pretty important people are buried here.

While visiting the market we started browsing through a ton of different spices and loose teas that a gentleman was selling. There were piles of everything you can imagine. The owner approached us and asked what our physical ailments/symptoms were so he could recommend something for us. Every single tea was a remedy for something. We asked him for something that was relaxing and he recommended 'Melisa Tea' which we ended up buying (tastes like a mix of chamomile and mint tea). He also made us try some 'Super chicken mix' which is a spice that they use on almost every dish in Turkey, it smelled and tasted  great so we ended up buying some of that too (it's come in pretty handy so far with our morning eggs). The last thing we purchased was some eucalyptus oil, which Julia is very fond of. We had a great time bargaining with him and felt like we got a pretty good deal. And as always we picked up some more mandarins. 

I celebrated my 25th birthday here in Bodrum and I treated myself to a little souvenir: a sailor hat. Which I wore that whole day. We went out to a little cafe right on the beach and had some coffee and apple tea. The tablecloth on the table had a nautical theme so I fit right in with my hat. We had a great time, with the water just a couple feet away from us, the Bodrum castle in view over the water and I had the best person in the world sitting across from me... a great birthday indeed.



  1. what a fantastic hat and indeed and wonderful birthday and happy birthday btw. the whole thing about spices and teas is that most westerners have long forgotten about these natural remedies of the old world and tend to look for a quick pharmaceutical fix. that;s one reason why i love how may parents still continue on with the old Russian home remedies for any and all illnesses and i am attempting to learn all of this from them. thanks gain for the great photos and amazing post of your trip.

  2. oh wow. this along with your last turkey posts, might be two of my faves yet....every picture is eye candy! Many look like postcards - so perfect!

    Happy 25th! Sounds like the best way to ring it in :)

  3. You two are such a beautiful couple.
    What will you do with this blog when your traveling is done? Hopefully you can fill it with smaller, but just as exciting adventures :)

  4. That sounds like the most amazing birthday!

    Happy 25th! (:

  5. Ooo I love the colorful fruits!
    Happy Belated Birthday!


  6. I just want to say that I absolutely adore your blog. It makes me want to visit countries that I never thought of visiting before! Thank you! Keep up the great work!

  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    Out of Space- Yes, our parents have a stash of teas for ailments as well! I remember being forced to drink gross tea as a kid whenever I had a cold. My parents are kind of over it now.

    Aura- We are brainstorming! It would be a pity to quit our blog once our travels end.

    Annie- That's the goal. :)