Our Sweet Nuptials

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our wedding photos are out and about! We are excited to be featured on Green Wedding Shoes blog, and to see even more photos, check out the post from our rad photographer, Benj Haisch.


  1. I just found you through Green Wedding Shoes.
    Holy cow your wedding was so beautiful!

    I saw below your traveling about photos and was wondering what kind of camera and photo editing software you use?

  2. I just now saw that you are photographers...so...
    Do you have any beginner DSLR recommendations?

  3. Your wedding looked beautiful (I arrived here via Green Wedding Shoes) - especially love the travel theme!

  4. I made a little post about you guys on my blog.
    hope its ok.
    you guys are amazing!
    My dream is to visit Greece! Cant wait to see all the beauty from there!


  5. Whitney, email me about cameras. So many people ask that question that we have a detailed informative reply pre-typed. :) I would love to send it your way.

    Pearl, are you kidding? Of course its ok. Thank you!

  6. I found you via green wedding shoes. I love your dress! What is the style number?

  7. Thanks Rachel! It's the Casablanca 1900.

  8. Thank you! You must have tailored the top or does it come in different options?

    I'm very jealous of your travels! I backpacked through Europe with a friend after college for about a month and we wished we had more time to see more of the countryside rather than just big cities. Enjoy!