London Street Fashion

Friday, October 22, 2010

Street fashion in Paris was beyond amazing, but we couldn't overlook the garb on London streets as well. The first thing we noticed when we got off the train was a far more casual air. In fact, the majority of people could pass for Americans. I felt like I was back home, especially after such a cultural immersion in France! 

Definitely more jeans in this city (in comparison to Paris). I spotted a lot of Converse-type sneakers. Well-worn boots. Oversized shirts and sweaters. Nonetheless, we are in Europe after all, and people here still know how to dress up a little. The vintage couple still makes me smile.



  1. Ah I have been totally getting in to London fashion lately! The oxfords, and military style boots!
    I love it.
    Great photos Julie! We will have TONS to talk about when you two return =)

  2. Love the cargo-pocket skinny jeans with the boots. And that blazer in the last photo. Keep this up--it's fun to see people on the street in the different cities you visit.

  3. I gotta say.
    I love all the scarfs europeans wear.
    And I love the flower headband on the last girl.
    tottaly mE.