Bonjour! .... finally

Monday, October 11, 2010

Greetings from abroad! We are now man and wife, proudly sporting the left hand rings, and delighting in spending every morning and night together. We look back on our September 25th wedding with smiles. It was a beautiful sunny fall day in Seattle, and our family and friends really helped to make it something special. Everything we imagined happened. We can't wait to share photos.

Our deepest apologies for the delay of our first travel post. We decided to have a proper first week of honeymooning without blogging. And when you're in Paris, the last thing you want to do is sit indoors in front of a computer screen. We spent so much time running around the city, trying to fit everything in, that we hardly had a moment to relax... but no regrets. One week in Paris was definitely not enough. We didn't anticipate trouble with finding outlet adapters and internet in our recent locations. We've been disconnected form the www since Paris for a bit, but we're back in business!

Here is a taste of our travel photos to hold you over until our first post about Paris.


  1. looks like you guys are having a blast and enjoying your time together, as you should. and good for you for not blogging for the first week, i mean, it is your honeymoon afterall. :) can't wait to see more!


  2. Yay, welcome back (to blogging)! Glad you enjoyed your week in Paris and just got to be together and chill. But now you have to make up for it with frequent posting :).

  3. you two look so married, what ever that looks like! :) i'm always surprised how beautiful the other side of the ocean is. the little bakerys, the narrow streets,the pretty food, i like the idea. a lot. lucky birds.

  4. isn't it amazing how much energy you have to run around when you're in an awesome place? hope you two are enjoying every moment of it!