Hi, we're Julia and Yuriy. We are husband and wife, best friends, business partners, and travel companions. Nothing makes us feel closer than being on the road together, whether it's across the globe or a couple hours from home. We got married a couple years ago, and took off for 6 months to see the world immediately after the wedding. We visited 16 countries as newlyweds and shared our adventures here. Since then, we have developed a permanent itch to travel. We continue to document our adventures, including those closer to home, in this travel journal. 

The world is big and it'll take more than a lifetime to see it all, so we think it's best to start early. We value a trip more than any possession, and will treasure our travel memories until we're old and gray.

When we are home in Seattle, WA, we work together as wedding and lifestyle photographers

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photo by Chantal Andrea